The Lion King 2019 tells the story of a young lion prince, who escapes his rightful kingdom, after the murder of his father. While away from the kingdom the young lion called Simba makes some colourful friends. In his journey out in the wild, he learns the attributes of a true king, bravery and responsibility. Right off the bat, this film is a feel-good motion, not all good as there were some sad moments along the way. The voice acting, for the most part, is excellent although when compared the classic Lion King there were some performances that could not be topped. Specifically, while I felt Timon and Pumbaa’s performance was good in 2019, I couldn’t help but think the classic performance back in 1994 was better. Maybe some things cannot be topped or maybe I am just used to hearing the 1994 Hakuna Matata song. The visual effects in this film are the best I have ever seen. The animal’s genuinely looked stunning, shockingly good. There were several laughs throughout the film which I enjoyed. Overall I am glad I saw this film. This is a great start to my 2021 watch list.