One of the more unique films I have watched in a while. Set in a dystopian future I can say with absolute certainty, I would not like to live in Mega-City One, not even in a million-mile radius of it. The special effects this film has on offer were not like anything I ever seen before. The combination of slow-motion and gore caught me by surprise more than once. I am not one for over the top gore, but Dredd does it in a way that makes me feel tense. I did have a little issue with the colour of the blood, it seemed very sparkly, but it wasn’t film breaking. Throughout the film, I felt tension, like at any moment the situation was going to turn nasty for the judges. I was a little disappointed that there was no ugly, mutated giant freak that Dredd and Anderson would have to fight. This film felt “a little” more grounded than Sylvester Stallone’s Judge Dredd. Something I found interesting while watching was the judges were almost as ruthless as the bad guys. Judge Dredd holds no punches, and some of his executions were downright nasty. The violent world coupled with the violent “good guys” really gave this film a dystopian feeling. Honourable mention to Dredd’s sidekick Anderson, it was a lot of fun watching her character develop. One final thought, I realised as I am writing this, the film came out in 3d, I didn’t watch in 3d. This makes me wonder now, what it would be like in 3d, probably bits of human matter jumping out of the screen at me. I think I can pass on the 3d.