When I clicked play on Netflix I felt a little uneasy. My idea of a horrible time would be going cave diving, couple this with water flooding off the exit route and you have my worst nightmare. Now enter the cherry on the top, a crocodile hell bent on killing everything down there. Here is the interesting bit, despite the horrors the film presents, I never felt overly distressed watching it. I was a little disappointed that I found it hard to get behind the characters. Maybe more time could of been spent developing the characters. Overall everyone remained relatively calm despite the horrors they faced. I found it surprisingly jarring that in one scene a cave diving light goes dead and a character acknowledges their mistake in forgetting to charge the light. This felt like a build up, an important step in the film, that might lead to the lights going dead and they would be plunged in to darkness. Nothing further happened with the light, why was it even mentioned ? Was this some attempt to throw the audience? The acting in the movie was good, overall I didn’t have many issues with it, apart from some overplayed facial expressions. It was the closing minutes of the film that got me. Somewhere in the final 15 minutes the film turned into one of those really low budget movies. You know the film where everything feels cheap, its almost so unrealistic that its funny? There was one fade to black that killed it for me it felt lazy, like as if no one could be bothered to fill in the gaps near the end. If the movie was far fetched from the start, I don’t know how I would describe the dying moments of the film. Again it just seemed to fall apart and whatever goodness I felt during the film unfortunately was let down by bad visuals and over the top antics. SPOILER ALERT The twist at the end where the jeep crashes into the water felt really out there. Sure, I was surprised that the jeep veered off the road into the lake, but why? For me this cheapened the experience. I can’t understand how a writer would think it was a good idea, it seemed to come out of no where, like it was just tacked on. Why put the survivors in a position of having the kill the croc. After both characters have a near miss with death and one of them survives the jaws of the killer croc! they stand hugging in the water. Nope, no thank you get out of the water! Despite all this the film wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t very good.