This film might make me think twice if I ever attempt an escape room challenge. I think the movie did a good job of introducing some of the characters although, I didn’t get a glimpse into everyone’s backstory, the tiny look I did get was interesting. I don’t have any complains about the acting, nothing jumped out at me as I watched the film. As time went by I got behind some of the characters and found myself routing for them. I started to get a Saw vibe during the film however, this film isn’t up there in terms of blood, guts and gore. I managed to guess some of the puzzles, and what was going to happen next which made me feel smart instead of making the film feel predictable. I am not totally satisfied with the ending of the film. SPOILER ALERT Although I wouldn’t consider a film like this to be realistic, I did feel the decision of the survivors to pursue the people who set up escape room to be a couple of steps over the line. After all the horrors they faced, they are going to get on a plane are look for these people? Also it when Zoey went back with the detective to the escape room it was dark and the place was cleared out. What was the time span here? Why where the cops not alerted as soon as they left the building? Overall the film was good, I would watch part 2.