Well there goes the first book of 2021, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson. Were do I even begin here? First of all, there are some controversial and edgy statements made in this book that I found shocking to say the least, this book is probably not for the faint of hearted. Controversies aside the book tells a story of Hunter S. Thompson driving through Las Vegas with his attorney, a drive that is fuelled by alcohol and drugs. I would struggle to name one legal drug for every illegal substance named in this story. I found some of the funniest parts of the book were the freak-outs and hallucinations brought on by a concoction of drugs and alcohol. The manner in which hunter speaks about people and overthinks some of his situations is downright hilarious and for me, made up some of the best parts of the story. For every action of fraudulence and criminality there was a drug fuelled freak-out and panic attack to follow and I loved it. Hunter S. Thompson may have the best attorney in the world for better or for worse. The book at times jumped all over the place, past, present and hypothetical futures which had me rereading some pieces to ensure I fully understood what was going on but, it didn’t bother me much. Overall this was a good read, I was always excited to hear what would happen next even if the action was over the top. This book was also made into a film. I must give that a watch and compare notes.