After being in a car accident, Michelle wakes up in a shelter underground. Howard a dooms day prepper, nurses her back to health, although her injuries didn’t actually seem all the bad. As the opening scene began I thought, here we go, slow burner but the film wasted no time in escalating, within minutes the film had ramped up. The movie kept my interest peaked as it slowly, but not too slowly revealed little mysteries about the characters. At times the film was tense and had me thinking of multiple ways it could play out. Howard was played by John Goodman and his acting was amazing, all the acting in the film was for that matter. SPOILER ALERT Michelle makes a friend while down in the shelter called Emmett. I got the feeling Emmett was going to betray Michelle or turn out to be Howard’s son. The film played its cards close to its chest. There were times in the film where I really got behind Howard and could look past some of his earlier antics. It really was a tough one to call, was Howard as tough as he seemed? Was he just a no nonsense guy who wanted to survive? Was his attitude formed from some sort of survival/ military training or was he just psychotic? At times I was torn, clueless as to his intent, which added to the delight of watching the story unfold. At the end when when Michelle escaped, my jaw hit the floor. I did not see that ending coming! There was always something interesting going on in this film. Thinking about the setting and environment the movie is shot in(basically one underground shelter), its incredible this movie gave so much from so little. I really enjoyed this.