Wow, just wow. Now I know why famous people have bodyguards. Never trust a number one fan, ever. Paul Sheldon, famous for writing a series of Victorian romance novels finds himself in a car accident while travelling New York City. He has an accident when he is hit by an unexpected snowstorm. His savour Annie Wilkes, a nurse and self-proclaimed number one fan finds him in the wreck and starts to nurse him back to health. Annie expresses her fondness for Paul and his work so he agrees to let her read his unpublished script. When she learns Paul’s plan to kill Misery Chastain a character featured in the novel series, she starts to show her dark side. This is when the movie takes off. Annie forces Paul to rewrite the book. There isn’t much escaping for a man that cannot walk and it does help he is locked inside her house. Paul slowly learns there is something even more sinister behind Annie Wilkes than kidnapping her favourite author. Both actors James Caan and Kathy Bates do a phenomenal job of their roles. When most of the film for Paul is laying in a bed or stationary at a desk and Annie mostly tending to Pauls needs, it is amazing how the actors keep the film from going stale. There were a couple of small giggles to be at the sheriff and his wife which I appreciated. Watching this film was far from misery, an excellent tale that kept me guessing right up to the credits. Lots of tense scenes. This is an excellent film.