The old game of would you rather, I remember playing this in my childhood. Would you rather eat poo flavoured ice cream or ice cream flavoured poo? My childhood game was definitely more innocent than this modern day one. A rich family by the name of Lambrick invites a group of eight people to sit around a table and play a game of would you rather, but this is no fun or ordinary game. The choices the players must make are horrific although, probably mild in terms other gory films like Saw. Something I found unsettling was the way the guests where treated if they played right, play along, follow the rules and execute your task and you got the approval of the Shepard the sadistic father who pays a lot of money to the winner. I can’t fault the cast of characters, Iris played by Brittany Snow was exceptional here. It was a nice surprise to see John Heard in the film also. SPOILERS ALERT Honestly when they focused in on Iris’ backstory near the start of the film I convinced myself that she would be the winner of the game and so she was. I understand building her character up made me care but, it also kind of gave away the ending. The terrible, final scene I had a suspicion that would happen, it was just something about the way the scenes were shot. Robin Lord Taylor was exceptional in his role as Julian Lambrick. I would of liked to see him be killed off for goading the players and for his obvious singling out of Travis. I found it quite jarring that we didn’t see him after he attempted to do that horrible thing on Iris. Did Julian just take a nap upstairs? Did I miss something? For such a sadistic character to disappear like that, it left me a bit wanting. Anyways remind me to never play would you rather ever! Even if it wasn’t that scary. Imagine if this film took more inspiration from saw, now that would be horrible! Overall it was a good film.