His House tells the story of a refugee couple who make a daring escape from war-torn South Sudan. Adjusting to their new life in England is no easy task. The film touches on themes of discrimination on more than one occasion, which made me feel for characters. I wanted nothing but the best for them as I witnessed them suffer discrimination. Confidently this film delivered on the horror aspect, it felt like a tight rollercoaster, a series of scary events occurred in succession none of which felt stale. I was impressed by the films ability to string so many scares close together without coming off as overkill. I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I understood every aspect of the film. At times I did feel a little confusion, the penny didn’t exactly drop for me during some flashbacks. SPOILERS ALERT There was one moment in the film during one of the flashbacks that stopped me in my tracks. The moment really made me think. The creature that is haunting this family is doing so because the husband stole something. Incredibly the flashback in Sudan showed the audience a tense scene where the family are trying to get onto a bus to escape. The bus is not accepting any more adults, only children. As terrorists close in on their location, the husband takes a random child called Nyagak from her mother, passing her off as his own. The family were allowed to get on the bus as a result. The scene ends as the hysterical mother runs after the bus screaming as her hysterical child is taken away. It struck me as a powerful scene, a more grounded horror scene than anything. Some of the flashbacks of the horrific actions of terrorist where disturbing. Overall the acting was good and the film was terrifying at times. I did feel some of the flashbacks made it hard to follow but, it didn’t dampen my experience too much.