Curiously Story Driven

Learning to write.


  • His House
    His House tells the story of a refugee couple who make a daring escape from war-torn South Sudan. Adjusting to their new life in England is no easy task. The film touches on themes of discrimination on more than one occasion, which made me feel for characters. I wanted nothing but the best for them […]
  • Would you rather?
    The old game of would you rather, I remember playing this in my childhood. Would you rather eat poo flavoured ice cream or ice cream flavoured poo? My childhood game was definitely more innocent than this modern day one. A rich family by the name of Lambrick invites a group of eight people to sit […]
  • 10 Cloverfield Lane
    After being in a car accident, Michelle wakes up in a shelter underground. Howard a dooms day prepper, nurses her back to health, although her injuries didn’t actually seem all the bad. As the opening scene began I thought, here we go, slow burner but the film wasted no time in escalating, within minutes the […]
  • Misery by Stephen King (Film)
    Wow, just wow. Now I know why famous people have bodyguards. Never trust a number one fan, ever. Paul Sheldon, famous for writing a series of Victorian romance novels finds himself in a car accident while travelling New York City. He has an accident when he is hit by an unexpected snowstorm. His savour Annie […]
  • Demolition Man
    Sylvester Stallone stars as the Demolition Man, a police officer who got his nickname from causing so much chaos while chasing down the bad guys. Frozen in suspended animation for 36 years Stallone is revived in the year 2032 and struggles to fit in. The police of the future have become so cushy they aren’t […]
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